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Pin a Medal on My Chest

Mood: I’m a weiner!
Drinking: Purifying, hydrating water

This just in…
My fabulous and talented friend, Michelle Brown, and I have just been informed that we won a Best of Festival award in the Arts category at the Berkeley Film Festival for our submission, titled “Three”.

We entered the festival earlier this year and had only finished our 1st three cinepoems (hence the title), so we entered Freezerburn, Bored Now, and Slow Roast. And we won!

Now back to work…

-Lo, who is feeling the guilt for short updates and plans a longish one, later.


Mood: Absolutely positive
Drinking: One for the road

1. I believe in change that is both sudden and well-planned.
2. I believe in a quieter kind of love.
3. I believe in sour candy.
4. I believe in flipping the finger when necessary.
5. I believe in unnatural hair color.
6. I believe in things yet unseen.
7. I believe in keeping some things to yourself.
8. I believe in postcards.
9. I believe in unexpected compliments.
10. I believe in long Sunday afternoons spent reading.
11. I believe in english teachers.
12. I believe in collecting beach glass while barefoot.
13. I believe in winged things.
14. I believe in long motorcycle rides with no real destination.
15. I believe in snail mail.
16. I believe in a really good mix CD.
17. I believe in pedicures.
18. I believe in the lifelong search.
19. I believe in “Generation X”.
20. I believe in letting the dog sleep on the bed.
21. I believe in violets.
22. I believe in sometimes ignoring the time zone to call your mom.
23. I believe in second drafts. And thirds. And fourths.
24. I believe in being completely self-absorbed on your birthday.
25. I believe in wearing dresses over jeans, with big boots and bracelets.
26. I believe in Someone to watch over me.
27. I believe in sister weekend.
28. I believe in cutting off all your hair, because it’s yours, and you can. Damn the man!
29. I believe in checking your spelling.
30. I believe in daddy’s little girls.
31. I believe in the nice guy getting the girl.
32. I believe in the right amount of glitter.
33. I believe in aggressive dream hunting.

-Lo, who appreciates the birthday song and all, but who are you supposed to be looking at when they sing it to you? And is it okay to sing along and say, “happy birthday, dear me-ee!”?

The Littlest Bitch

Mood: Off-Duty
Drinking: Sodapop

For all you LeeLoo fans out there, I have a new little treat for you:
The Loo has her very own store.

See, it all started a coupla months ago when I was dogsitting for my sister’s pup, the Yodes. I had my friend M come over with her bullydog, Winston, and we had a photoshoot bonanza in my dining room that involved a lot of children’s halloween costumes, “sit” and “stay” commands, and nummy bribes of the hot dog and snausage variety.

My intention was to create a hilarious 2006 calendar for family and friends, which I have done (now you know what you’re getting for Christmas!). However, everybody who sees the costume calendar asks if they can buy a copy. And who am I to let the LeeLoo fans down?

So I trotted on over to Cafe Press and hooked ya’ll up with not just a 2006 “Gone to the Dogs” Calendar, but some magnets and mugs and memorabilia, as well. Click here to have a look-see.

-Lo, who once tried out the taste of Purina, but spit it right back out. (Oh, like you haven’t?)