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Mood: Hijacked
Drinking: Liquids

If you live in or around San Francisco, stop by the SF Women’s Film Festival tonight to see Slow Roast on the big screen. Our third cinepoem, filmed last year with Sarah Beach, is being screened at 7 p.m. during the festival’s Shorts Program.

Get info and tickets here.

My co-director Michelle and I are going, as are a few of our friends. So if you’re there, I’m the tall girl in the red skullgyle cardigan. Stop by and say hi!

-Lo, who does not have a speech prepared.

Pin a Medal on My Chest

Mood: I’m a weiner!
Drinking: Purifying, hydrating water

This just in…
My fabulous and talented friend, Michelle Brown, and I have just been informed that we won a Best of Festival award in the Arts category at the Berkeley Film Festival for our submission, titled “Three”.

We entered the festival earlier this year and had only finished our 1st three cinepoems (hence the title), so we entered Freezerburn, Bored Now, and Slow Roast. And we won!

Now back to work…

-Lo, who is feeling the guilt for short updates and plans a longish one, later.

Slow Roast

Mood: Another day, another day
Drinking: Morning dose of caffeine

Hip, hip, hooray! Three cheers and all that. Release the balloons and fire the confetti cannons! Tootle your noisemakers and bang your own drums…

Cinepoem #3 debuts today in the library!

This one was shot in our favorite San Francisco diner, Sparky’s. (Best pancakes ever, especially at 3 a.m.) It features the lovely Sarah Beach and a cameo by my other gorgeous friend, Misha. (Look for the coffee cup.)

Big thanks, as always, to my talented shooter & editor and partner in crime, Michelle; my webmaster, Christopher; our fabulous production assistant, Misha; Barbara and Kelley at Sparky’s; and, of course, Sarah, because without her this cinepoem would have just sucked ass.

I don’t wanna play favorites or anything, but this little cinepoem might just be my most favorite so far. Shhhh!

Go see for yourself.

-Lo, who is so OVER the red hair, it’s already gone!