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The Littlest Bitch

Mood: Off-Duty
Drinking: Sodapop

For all you LeeLoo fans out there, I have a new little treat for you:
The Loo has her very own store.

See, it all started a coupla months ago when I was dogsitting for my sister’s pup, the Yodes. I had my friend M come over with her bullydog, Winston, and we had a photoshoot bonanza in my dining room that involved a lot of children’s halloween costumes, “sit” and “stay” commands, and nummy bribes of the hot dog and snausage variety.

My intention was to create a hilarious 2006 calendar for family and friends, which I have done (now you know what you’re getting for Christmas!). However, everybody who sees the costume calendar asks if they can buy a copy. And who am I to let the LeeLoo fans down?

So I trotted on over to Cafe Press and hooked ya’ll up with not just a 2006 “Gone to the Dogs” Calendar, but some magnets and mugs and memorabilia, as well. Click here to have a look-see.

-Lo, who once tried out the taste of Purina, but spit it right back out. (Oh, like you haven’t?)

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