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Pin a Medal on My Chest

Mood: I’m a weiner!
Drinking: Purifying, hydrating water

This just in…
My fabulous and talented friend, Michelle Brown, and I have just been informed that we won a Best of Festival award in the Arts category at the Berkeley Film Festival for our submission, titled “Three”.

We entered the festival earlier this year and had only finished our 1st three cinepoems (hence the title), so we entered Freezerburn, Bored Now, and Slow Roast. And we won!

Now back to work…

-Lo, who is feeling the guilt for short updates and plans a longish one, later.

Freezerburn, the cinépoem


It’s here.

The first cinepoem, freezerburn, is up and ready for viewing. You can see it in The Library.

Many heaping bucketfuls of thanks go to a few of my fabulous friends:

*Carly, who had the idea in the first place. It was her artistic vision that made the whole thing happen.
*Michelle, who jumped right in with all the stuff we needed so we could make the whole thing happen. She let me take over her microphone and her high-tech soundbooth. And she got to show off her fantastic shooting and editing skills.
*Chris, my web guru, who got the video files up online for your viewing pleasure (with the help of Eric).

What are you waiting for? Go take a look!

-Lo, already ready for the next one.