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The Sun’ll Come Out…

Mood: Anticipating
Drinking: Diet Coke


The cast is coming off and I’ll get to start flexing the new robot arm. Sure, it’ll be scaly and mummified, but it will be free. I’ll be a two-hand girl once more.

Meanwhile, all you PC people can rejoice. My kick-ass friend and wizard EO has transformed the cinepoems to Windows Media movies, and kick-ass friend #2, CB, has uploaded them all to the Cinepoems page. So go, feast your eyes. And rest assured that there are not one but TWO new cinepoems in the works and on the calendar for later this month and next month, too.

I have to go pick the scales from my arm. Nasty, yes, but oh-so-satisfying.

-Lo, who used to know all the words to all the Annie songs.