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Bloody Awesome

bloody9Mood: Sticky
Drinking: Sweet Tea

Two more cinepoems in the can.

We shot Kiss & Fly a couple of weekends ago, and this weekend Abbatoir made it on film. It was a big gorey mess, what with all that (delicious) chocolate blood flying all around.

Big thanks to Chris & Shel, who allowed us to coat their loft in plastic and let fly with the fake blood. Big love, too, to all my “bloodbath” volunteers, who got all icky and sticky for art.

Special recognition must go to K-ro, who asked me ahead of time if she should wear glasses to protect her contacts. “Oh, no,” I said naively, “I’m sure we won’t get any blood in your eyes.”

And then, on the second splatter? Bam! Big glop of karo syrup and food coloring, right in the old eyeball. It actually turned her contacts pink! So she gets the cinepoem survivor award this time around.

And while I’m handing out props, I have to mention my lovely friend Eric, who took a whole day out of his Californian vacation to be my Butcher. He did an amazing job, and I can’t wait to edit this cinepoem so you can all see how fierce he looks wielding that gigantic cleaver!

After all that teasing, I’m sorry to say that the Internet will have to wait a little while for Abbatoir. We’ve got a few other projects to finish up first, but when the bloodbath is ready for viewing, you’ll be the first to know!

I’m sure you’re very curious as to what all this fake blood is for, anyway, but I can’t spill the secrets too soon. You’ll just have to wait and see…

Meanwhile, The Secrets of Falling is close, so very close, to being in our hot little hands. Final proofs have been signed, printing presses have been primed, and all that’s left now is the glueing and shipping.

Stay tuned for book release party details, coming soon…

-Lo, who recommends adding a little cocoa to your blood to make the best looking splatters.

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