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Power to the Peaceful

Mood: Nodding Off
Drinking: Bedtime Water

Short update for all my PC-lovin’ friends: The Windows versions of “Pretty.Good.Girl.” and “Alter Ego” are up on the cinepoems page, thanks to EO and CB, my computer genius boys.

I’m currently in Mendocino with M, M-squared, and L, filming “Die Pretty”, which will bring our cinepoem total to an even dozen. (“Yin” was number eleven, but you haven’t met her yet.) Anyway, It’s gorgeous here, and we’ve had a full day shooting on beaches, in wheat fields and cemeteries, and skulking about a burned-out, tumbledown house. Then L #2 cooked us dinner (freshly caught ocean creatures), and us girls went hot-tubbing, and now it’s time to crash.

Goodnight, sweet Internet. More when we meet again…

-Lo, who does her best to avoid leaves of three (let them be!)

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