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Really and Truly?

Mood: Delighted
Drinking: Raspberry Tea

So I just discovered that somebody out there found my site by searching for “deoxyribonucleic assholes.”

That. Is. Awesome.

Of course, if you were googling “backseat bitches”, “bad ass gas scooters”, “scottish lass” or (WTF?) “lass sex”, you may have ended up here, too. I probably don’t have exactly what you’re looking for (especially not “lass sex”), but, um, welcome.

And to the single soul out there, I do hope you find your deoxyribonucleic asshole someday, somewhere, somehow.

-Lo, who would also like to welcome the 429 people who arrived here by searching for Shirley Manson. Hey, if you see her anywhere around here, let me know. I’d like to borrow her eyeliner.

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