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Selling Secrets

sellingsecretsMood: Well Done
Drinking: The Tea with the Ice

The fearless Miss Kathy and I hit the pavement today to hawk our wares. All in all, I’d say the hawking went quite well.

Here are a few bookstores that now stock The Secrets of Falling on their shelves:

In San Francisco…
City Lights (the one & only)
on Columbus in North Beach
Bird & Beckett Books and Records
on Diamond St. in Glen Park
Phoenix Books
on 24th Street in Noe Valley
Dog Eared Books
on Valencia in the Mission
Green Apple Books
on Clement in the Richmond

In Santa Cruz…
Logos Book and Records on Pacific Ave.

In Chicago…
Quimby’s in Wicker Park

In Alabama…
Red Jasper Spa/Salon in Decatur

In Belfast…
(the one in Northern Ireland)
No Alibis on Botanic Ave.
•Bookfinders on University Road

More bookstores will be added to the list soon, and of course, you can always get Secrets online.

But we love our local, independent bookstores (and salons!) and we hope you’ll show them a lot of love, too.

If you stop by one of these stores and can’t find Secrets on the shelves, that means they sold out (yay!), so please request a copy so they’ll give us a call and order a few more.

-Lo, who just wants a small space on your shelf.