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Mood: Pretty Good
Drinking: Sugared Tea

She’ll be a pretty good girl, and you get to watch.

That’s right. There’s a new cinepoem in town, and she’s just waiting for you to start the staredown.

Pretty.Good.Girl. was shot at The Archbishop’s Mansion here in San Francisco last month, and not only is she the first cinepoem to be shot since my broken wrist episode back in February (if you look closely, you can see my super-stiff left appendage lurking about trying not to be obvious), but Pretty also features the in-front-of-the-camera debut of our favorite photographer, Patti Monaghen.

Patti’s photos have been featured in a cinepoem before (Slow Roast), and they’re also splashed all over this web site, but this is the first time that the lady actually lets herself be seen (although she doesn’t completely come out from behind the camera). Of course, she did a fabulous job, as you’ll soon see.

Isn’t all that tantalizing enough for you? Go see the Pretty.Good.Girl. She’s waiting on the Cinepoems page. Big thanks to my web guru, Chris, for being so persistent about getting her uploaded (no thanks to AT&T, the bitches!). PC people: There will eventually be a Windows version, you’ll just have to wait a teeny bit.

And coming up next?Alter Ego. Our tenth (!!) cinepoem is already in the can, as they say, but we’ve just started editing. She’ll be along shortly.

-Lo, who tells her stories to the Dark.

I can help the next in line.

Mood: Coma White
Drinking: Dry as a Bone

And that’s how it goes. Months of muteness. Complete creative silence. And then a one-two punch and your voice is back and louder than ever.

The ball was given a good shove and set off rolling the weekend before last when Patti the Photographer stepped off the plane from Chicago, cameras in hand. We launched a three-day marathon photo shoot with a cinepoem shoot sandwiched right there in the middle (in the Gypsy Baron room at the Archbishop’s Mansion).

Patti worked her ass off and got a lot of really, really great shots (thank you!!!), which have now been handed off to K so we can get Book Two moving, already.

And before we lost any steam or momentum or caffeine-fueled hyperactivity, we squeezed in one more cinepoem shoot this past weekend at The Hotel Utah Saloon here in SF. Thanks to all my gorgeous volunteers, you know who you are, and the rest of the world will, too, as soon as we roll credits.

I had lots of fun at both shoots–got to wear fancy dresses and wig out in a china doll bob of flamboyant red. It’s always liberating to play the vamp.

M and I start editing the first cinepoem (Pretty.Good.Girl.) next week, after Mem Day is behind us. And as soon as Pretty is in the can, we’ll start working on the Utah cinepoem (Alter Ego). I’m really excited about both of them, and I’ll introduce them to the Internet as soon as humanly possible.

Meanwhile, S has been location scouting up Mendocino way, so I think the crew and I will head up there this summer before M has to leave us for San Diego.

So. All is not silent on the western front. You watch. You wait. You’ll see.

-Lo, who loves her surgery scar.