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Ladies and other dudes, we have a two-fer!

Just received word today that we’ve been chosen to be part of another film festival! This time it’s the Poppy Jasper Film Festival in November, and they will be screening a different cinepoem compilation than Berkeley. This one’s called “The Way She Walks”, and it strings together “Boots are made”, “Object”, “Alice is my middle name”, and “Slow Roast”. It’s really quite lovely.

If you’re in the Bay Area, keep an eye on the Festival’s web site for a screening schedule. “The Way She Walks” will be on the big screen in Morgan Hill, California, sometime November 10-12.

This one is all thanks to my agent, the one and only Johanna Baldwin, who kept saying, “No, really, the deadline’s coming up and this is one festival you really, really have to enter.” Thanks, Jo. You were right. Enjoy. 😉

-Lo, who’s heard it said that “If you don’t get right, you’ll get left.” We’ll see about that.


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A big announcement from the film festival front…my partner in cinepoems, Michelle, and I, have just been informed that our submission to the 2006 Berkeley Video & Film Festival is not only going to be screened at the festival next month, but has also won an award!

Shel and I are doing backflips right now. Or we would be doing backflips, if we were much younger and more flexible.

For those of you in the Bay Area, our cinepoem “Two-Faced” (a marriage of “Alter Ego” and “Pretty.Good.Girl.”) will be screened on Saturday evening, October 7th, at the Oaks Theatre, 1875 Solano Avenue, in Berkeley. I’m not sure about tickets yet…I’m workin’ on that.

I’m also not sure which award we’ve won yet…the awards will be presented on Friday, October 8th. At this point, I can’t decide what’s more exciting…the award or the screening. Both are unexpected.

Anyway, three cheers for us, and a gigantic THANK YOU to Misha Hutchings, Kathy Azada, Patti Monaghen, Amanda Henderson, Katie Motta, and Angela Primavera, all of whom helped out with the award-winning cinepoems, and also to Johanna Baldwin, agent extraordinaire, who has helped out with film fest entries and moral support!

-Lo, who once won a purple ribbon and shiny gewgaw at a 4-H Fair with a Grand Champion goat. Yes. Goat.


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If you live in or around San Francisco, stop by the SF Women’s Film Festival tonight to see Slow Roast on the big screen. Our third cinepoem, filmed last year with Sarah Beach, is being screened at 7 p.m. during the festival’s Shorts Program.

Get info and tickets here.

My co-director Michelle and I are going, as are a few of our friends. So if you’re there, I’m the tall girl in the red skullgyle cardigan. Stop by and say hi!

-Lo, who does not have a speech prepared.

Pin a Medal on My Chest

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This just in…
My fabulous and talented friend, Michelle Brown, and I have just been informed that we won a Best of Festival award in the Arts category at the Berkeley Film Festival for our submission, titled “Three”.

We entered the festival earlier this year and had only finished our 1st three cinepoems (hence the title), so we entered Freezerburn, Bored Now, and Slow Roast. And we won!

Now back to work…

-Lo, who is feeling the guilt for short updates and plans a longish one, later.

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