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Later That Night…

Mood: Overly analytical
Drinking: Yup

A P.S. to this whole blog business, just to get it over with already.

1. I do not think, and I have never said that all blogs are stupid. Or pointless. I read several blogs on a daily basis and find them highly entertaining. I’ve also read my share of blogs that, in my opinion, cannot justify their existence. I don’t visit them twice.

2. Yes, I understand the whole blog-to-your-friends thing. As in, your blog may be boring to some, but because your friends care about you, they enjoy reading about your life. Great. Grand. Wonderful.

3. I believe that good writers can write about absolutely anything and make you care, make you want to read more. So if you can give your readers a reason to give a shit, no matter what your topic might be, then your blog, your post, your entry, your newsletter, your book, your poem, your whatever–it’s a success.

The end.