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Mood: Expectant
Drinking: Soon

Buongiorno, my friends.

In about 7 hours, Boy and I will be settling into our seats on a 777 headed to Italy.

We’ve been planning this trip for about a year. Two whole weeks, just the two of us, wandering around Italia. We’ve got big plans — we’re going to see the Coliseum, get lost in Venice, walk down Appian Way, rent scooters, hike the hills of the Cinque Terre, stare at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, get new tattoos, float along in a gondola, and eat a lot of amazing food.

So. Depending on internet access and energy levels, I may not post for the next 2 weeks. Or I might drop in with an update from Rome. I’ll recover from my jet lag and let you know…

Until then, be well. Arrivederci.

-Lo, who’s packed clothes designed to channel the inner Argento. (Asia Argento, that is!)