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Wonked Out

mood: totally wonky | drinking: just water


It’s already 12 days into a brand new year and I’m still not with the program.

Truth be told, I’m feeling super wonk-tified. A leetle off-kilter. Not quite right in the head.

I’m assuming these things will sort themselves out and set themselves right eventually. Meanwhile I’m wobbling my way into 2010 like I’m fresh from a double-decade Van Winkle nap, hair sticking out, rubbing the dreams from my eyes and going, “Huh?” whenever anyone speaks to me.

Speaking of hair sticking out, I’m having my bi-annual bang dilemma a bit early this year. To bang or not to bang? The old bangs have only grown out about 3 inches beyond my eyebrows, so it wouldn’t be a big thing to whack them back into submission. But is this something I should do? I dunno. You tell me. My wonky judgment can’t be trusted.

I plan to write more coherent posts in the near future about all sorts of lovely things, like the new cinepoem shoot we’re working on with our biggest cast ever.

But that will have to wait until the wonk wears off. Perhaps I should take another nap…

-Lo, *snore*

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