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Merry Merry

mood: chilled | drinking: tea


LeeLoo’s snoozing on the couch, Boy is the kitchen cooking bacon, the tree is twinkling, the sun is blazing, and I’m still in my PJs.

After a year chock full of nonstop crazy, Boy and I decided to have a super-chill Christmas. We’re staying in pajamas all day, we’ve stocked up on movies, and we’ve got a full box of microwave popcorn all ready.

Our friend Michael is joining us for the festivities, and we plan to be incredibly lazy all day, with the exception of a walk to the beach (which, since it’s only 3 blocks from our front door, doesn’t really negate the whole “lazy” thing).

Yesterday I downloaded an Elvis Christmas album, so I’m all set with my holiday cheer this year.

I hope all of you are somewhere cozy, snuggled up with someone sweet. Merry Christmas!

-Lo, who’s a big fan of fuzzy slippers.

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