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The Great Grinchy Giveaway

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People keep telling me it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I don’t necessarily believe it… there are lots of other times of the year that are arguably more wonderful than this.

But I’m going to shrug off my inner Grinch and just go for the holiday cheer this year. Strap on your helmet.

This year, for the first time ever, I’m instituting what may very well become a yearly tradition: The Great Grinchy Giveaway. I’ll need your help though.

Here’s how it will work:
The first 5 people to respond in the comments (here on She Says, NOT on Facebook) will receive a shiny free poetry book complete with an autograph so you can sell it for 20 bucks when I’m rich and infamous.

You get to choose which book: Shedding the Angel Skin or The Secrets of Falling. And I’ll throw in some lovely postcards for you, as well. (You can even request which postcards you’d like to receive.)

All you have to do is comment down below and tell me two things:
1. Who’s your favorite poet ever: Tennyson? Bukowski? Frost? Eliot? Plath?
2. Which book would you like to get for free?

In order to comment, you’ll have to become a registered “user” of this site, by means of the little link which is either over there on the right under “Login” or down below this post under “Leave a Reply.” That way I’ll have your email address and I can congratulate you on your winnings and get your snail mail address. It only takes two seconds. Or maybe five.

This is a great time for all you secret lurkers to come out from under the bushes and wave hello. I know you’re out there. Don’t be shy.

So, how about it? Want a free book? (If you’ve already got a copy, you could always gift it to a friend. I’m all about helping you out with your holiday shopping list.)

Ready? Set? Comment!

-Lo, getting her wrapping paper ready.

{UPDATE 12/10/09:} I’ve got my 5 winners, even though several of you had trouble getting WordPress to let you add a comment here! I apologize for your troubles. Hopefully that pesky problem is now fixed, thanks to my trusty webmaster. But those of you who were determined and sent me emails have been added to the list of winners. So: Anna, Charmaine, Jennifer, Maria & Amy can all expect to receive shiny packages in the mail very soon. And Eric, you’re getting one too, just because you’re special. Thanks, everyone!

-Lo, off to the P.O.

4 thoughts on “The Great Grinchy Giveaway”

  1. Ummm…I already have these items, so I would really just like a cup of frothy hot cocoa from Tartine this weekend…with you sitting across the table, of course. And my favorite poet is you…duh!


  2. Well I don’t have an exact favorite other than you, I like poetry in general. I would love to get another copy of your new book. I already have it but this would be for my friend Nikki, she loves your work also. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

    Love ya


  3. I’ve often wondered why more people don’t comment on here, and seeing the lack of posts is spurring me into some rather-bleary eyed morning action…

    1) Really, truly, my favorite poet is LaDonna Witmer. Growing up, poetry was one of those things that never grabbed me–maybe it’s because I hadn’t (or haven’t) looked hard enough. But when I read your poems, Lo, they speak to me. Some more than others, obviously, but they cut through my preconceptions and the pretentiousness that surrounds the poetry I had been exposed to previously. I always felt like I needed an interpreter to understand poetry when I read it before. With yours, I get it, even if I don’t get it fully. I feel it. Maybe I’m just more grown-up now, but thanks for exposing me to something that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    2) I don’t really need more LaDonna Witmer goodies–I have both autographed books and a full set of postcards, haha! So, if someone else posts after me, feel free to send to them instead. I do have a new local poet friend who I could give a book to (Shedding please) if you don’t see more posting on here and are really itching to send mail to the snow Mecca of the Midwest.


  4. I don’t have a favorite poet, but have been reading the kids Shel Silverstein. If you have any other recommendations for children’s poets, I’d appreciate it. I have your first book and now I have your new one.
    The poems are very beautiful and I will share these as well. Thanks.


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