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Vroom Vroom Squawk

Mood: Gettin’ things done
Drinking: Tea from the ‘bucks

Let’s start October off with a poem, shall we?

This one’s short and sweet and not brand new, and I’ve swapped the red motorcycle for one that’s blue. But it’s a poem, nevertheless, and it fits the way I feel today…

Duck, Duck, Goose

A small family fills the yellow crosswalk.
Mother, father, and tow-headed toddler
dragging a ridiculously wheeled duck
on a string.
The bird’s wilted wings
scrape across the striped cement
flapping futilely for some kind of freedom.

I sit at the stop sign, already in gear
repeatedly revving the engine of my red Vulcan
thinking, “I do not have time for this kid
and his goddamn duck.”

As it turns out,
I do.

-Lo, forever learning to not be in such a hurry.

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