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Bright Neon Love

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Bright Neon Love

Vegas is a strange place to fall in love,
tempted on all sides by glittering casinos infused
with bottled oxygen, green greed, and artificial optimism

the neon sirens calling fools at all hours
with their melodious technicolor jangle,
burnished by the desperate heat of a desert
where nothing should thrive but sand.

and everywhere skulk girls
more beautiful than I
more supple than I
more willing than I

but somewhere in this bright light city
you are waiting,
not for girls
but for me.

And I just want to stroke your skin the way the fingers of silky men
caress their poker cards, I want to pin you to the roulette wheel <
and spin you ‘til you’re dry, I want to pull the levers of your machine
until you open your mouth and cry out silver, I want to light you up
with a bright neon love that burns all the stars from the sky.

Vegas is a strange place to fall in love again.

But on the 27th floor with all the electricity at our feet,
you don't even look for the twinkle of the faux Eiffel Tower,
you don't see the fountains dance or the pirate ship blow, or watch
as light from the pyramid shoots up into ozone.
You just pull the curtain across the window
and my dress to the floor.

-Lo, who sometimes says “Viva Las Vegas.”

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