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Je t’aime

Mood: Aaaugh!
Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper

So let’s be honest. This whole poem a day thing means these freshly hatched little ditties are highly unpolished. Their feathers aren’t dry. They’re all awkward and wobbly.

But I’m committed to 1 a day, and this brings me to #14. I have a full social calendar this evening, and I’ve got to get this one up now if I’m going to do it at all, but I’m so unsatisfied with it. It wants to soar so high, but it’s just flopping around in the mud right now.

Perhaps later I’ll shine it up and post it again as its better self. But for now, let’s just get on with it, bad rhymes and all…

Je t’aime

That whole bright day in Paris
my shoulder hot with a new tattoo
I wanted to tell you something but
fell short when I looked at you.

All day in the rain we walked
as if the city belonged to us.
I twittered proudly away
in my pidgin français
but let you do the math
for the Metro.

All day in the rain we walked
as if we didn’t have a pass for the bus.
My umbrella lost its spine
at least 15 times
and our shoes gave their soles
to the puddles.
And I wanted to say it
in 15 different ways
but just never got up the guts.

It was well after three
when the sun made the scene
as we stood by the Seine with a plan.
Notre Dame started to blaze
with sudden yellow rays
and that’s when our steps
slowed to silence.

All day in the rain we had walked
as if our hearts weren’t starting to rust.

Then lit up by love,
I whispered words from above
and watched you…
now man,
now melted.

-Lo, slowing into silence.

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