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Mood: Barefoot
Drinking: Tea

In a break from our regularly-scheduled poem-a-day programming for this fine month of April, I’d like to bring you some hot-off-the press news:
A new cinépoem has been released into the wild.

Yes, I know you thought I’d forgotten all about those cinépoems, but they’re still cooking.

This one, “Strange”, was shot in the Superstition Wilderness in Arizona on January 15, just two days after my half-marathon. So if I look a bit sore, I was.

Something very special to note about this cinépoem, besides the amazing scenery, is that for the first time ever, we have an original score! Thanks to the fine talents of our new friend Aaron M. M. Purvis, who composed and performed this fine piece of music that fits so perfectly with our strange little video.

As always, you can find the newest cinépoem on the Cinépoems page. You can also trot over to YouTube and see it there.

And stay tuned for poetry month poem #13, coming later today…

-Lo, who wants to be lazier.

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