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Always Greener

bovineMood: Tired
Drinking: Water

Always Greener

The dream came again last night…
aliens in ballgowns at the prom.
Only I could speak their language.

Somehow we all end up dancing in a meadow
rolling down the soft sides of green hills
hopelessly staining our chiffon skirts.

A herd of bemused cattle watch without
curiosity as the mothership touches down.
I beg for a ride to another atmosphere

but the alien queen shakes both her heads and
that’s when I wake up. Later, I’m obsessed
with what I missed – not a glimpse of otherworlds

but a real live replica of the blue dress I wore.
I scour every store with badly drawn sketches but
only find frocks that make my skin look green.

-Lo, getting lazy on the weekend.

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