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Across the Sea

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Although our fame is quite modest and our fans are few, word of the cinépoetry work that Michelle and I have been doing has spread all the way across the sea.
To Cambridge, England.

We recently received an invitation from The Cinepoetry Society at Cambridge (who knew such a lovely thing existed!?) to submit a cinépoem for screening at a film event they’re hosting next spring.

Their event will consist entirely of cinépoetry, which is remarkable in and of itself. The Society has specifically requested (and we’ve obliged) a copy of Abattoir for their screening.

So, coming to Cambridge in March of 2008: heavy metal, blood spatter, and poetry!

If you visit The Cinepoetry Society’s online Screening Room, you can see several diverse examples of the genre, including interesting animated works from Billy Collins, a text-only version from Filipino poet Nick Carbo, and a fun piece from Kino, the “poet of sound and image”, to name just a few. Our own Alice & Abattoir are there, too.

I think this is what I love best about the internet… finding new art and inspiration that otherwise would exist only across some far away sea.

-Lo, who wants to hitch a ride to the Cambridge show.

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