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Slippery Shiny Feathery Things

filmfestival1Mood: Accomplished
Drinking: Absolutely

For the second year in a row, my cinepoem partner Michelle Brown and I have been invited to the Berkeley Video & Film Festival.

As one of the 2007 official festival selections, our cinepoem entry, titled Slippery Shiny Feathery Things, is being screened next Friday night, October 5th.

If you want to attend the festival, it runs October 5-7 at the Landmark California Theatre at 2113 Kittredge Street in downtown Berkeley. You’ll find the screening schedule here and can get tickets in advance from the East Bay Media Center or during the festival at the theatre box office.

Michelle and I are also extremely proud to announce that we have a shiny new accolade to add to our modest collection: The 2007 Grand Festival Award for Arts. We’ll be giving awkward, hasty speeches and collecting our award at the film fest next weekend.

The only place you can see Slippery Shiny Feathery Things is at a film festival. (It will be screening in November at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival, as well.) Once we complete our next big (BIG) project, however, you’ll be able to see all of our cinepoems, including all film festival entries, on DVD. But I wouldn’t hold your breath because that’s going to take awhile!

Until then, come on out to the theatre or eat some popcorn while you watch cinepoems online. It’s almost the same…

-Lo, who confesses a ferret-like affection for shiny objects.

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