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You Get Used to the Blood

ab_shootMood: Yay
Drinking: Tea

At long last, our bloodiest cinépoem ever is ready to make its debut.

I give you Abattoir.

We had a lot of fun shooting this one. We all got very dirty. Or bloody, rather. But it was yummy chocolate blood (made with cocoa), so nobody really minded.

It’s been in the editing suite for quite awhile… Although the shoot took place in April when our friend Eric (who you’ll soon come to know as “The Butcher”) was in town for a visit, the editing had to wait for Secrets to come off the press, and then the book release party, and then a little trip to Scotland and Ireland, and now, finally, our 15th(!) cinépoem is ready for viewing.

Big thanks, as always, to the lovely Michelle, my cinepoem creative partner, for not only shooting and editing, but also for getting in front of the camera this time.

Thanks, also, to my friends Kimberley, Michael, Roy, and Rob, for getting down and dirty. Thanks to Chris for not minding all the blood on his ceiling and to Bruce for second camera action and for helping to determine exactly which fake blood recipe was the best one to use.

And a huge round of applause to the wonderful Eric, who wields a very mean-looking cleaver, but is the sweetest guy around, really. (And ladies, he’s single!)

I know we’ve gotten you all used to angel wings and Parisian streets with our last few cinepoems, but this one is all about the testosterone. And the blood.


-Lo, who rather obviously doesn’t know how to smoke. Just watch. You’ll see.

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