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Gotta Get It

Mood: Kick-ass-ey
Drinking: Tea from the ‘Bucks

She’s got hers.

What are you waiting for?

That’s right, I’m talkin’ to you. I know you’ve been thinking about ordering up your very own copy of The Secrets of Falling but you were waiting for summer or sundown or Christmas in July.

And to you, I say, “What better time than now?”

All you’ve gotta do is run right over to the ordering page and click on the button and bing! bang! zoom! Your book will be waiting, all shiny and smelling of fresh ink, in your mailbox. Pages and pages of yet-unread words… sounds like a magical afternoon to me. But then, I’m biased toward words to begin with.

If you’re one of those folks who’s a bit scared of modern technology and internet shopping and hackers and slackers and such, well, just pop on over to the Says You page and tell me how you’d rather pay for your book…check in the mail, money order in the envelope, quarters in a sock, fair trade for fellow artists, whatever. I’m negotiable.

Well, to a point.

Anyway, the point is: Go Get Yours!

-Lo, who may even throw in a fun little prize, old-school Cracker Jack-style.

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