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Poppy Jasper

Mood: Deja Vu’d
Drinking: Iced Sweet Tea

Ladies and other dudes, we have a two-fer!

Just received word today that we’ve been chosen to be part of another film festival! This time it’s the Poppy Jasper Film Festival in November, and they will be screening a different cinepoem compilation than Berkeley. This one’s called “The Way She Walks”, and it strings together “Boots are made”, “Object”, “Alice is my middle name”, and “Slow Roast”. It’s really quite lovely.

If you’re in the Bay Area, keep an eye on the Festival’s web site for a screening schedule. “The Way She Walks” will be on the big screen in Morgan Hill, California, sometime November 10-12.

This one is all thanks to my agent, the one and only Johanna Baldwin, who kept saying, “No, really, the deadline’s coming up and this is one festival you really, really have to enter.” Thanks, Jo. You were right. Enjoy. 😉

-Lo, who’s heard it said that “If you don’t get right, you’ll get left.” We’ll see about that.

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