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De Lovely

Mood: Delighted
Drinking: Diluted tea

I’m absolutely delighted, totally tickled pink, and beside myself with excitment to announce that one of my favorite people in the entire world — no, the whole galaxy — has entered the blogosphere.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the lovely, funny, sexy, shiny, and ridiculously, brilliantly talented Saralita.

She makes celery sound scintillating. She makes hairy toes seem sweet. She makes sharks wear pants. And she totally gets the irresistable allure of pale, skinny boys in smeary black eyeliner and tight pinstriped pants who smoke Nat Shermans and sulk in the cobwebby corners of dark dance clubs.

She’s all that and more.

A PostScript: If you cannot get through the link to S’s blog, I apologize. She has had an unfortunate incident of ex-boyfriend-itis, and had to add some tall metal gates to her virtual home. Le sigh.

-Lo, who thinks that Sarah hung the moon. (And if, indeed, the moon is made of cheese, it should be made of Gouda cheese.)

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