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On Your Mark

Mood: Apocalyptic
Drinking: Wormwood Water

Okay. So. I don’t really have anything exciting to say today. M and I are knee-deep in the editing process of Pretty.Good.Girl., and as soon as that’s up and running, we’re starting on Alter Ego. And K and I are neck-deep in stuff for Book #2, sorting through piles of fabulous photos from PM and trying to decide between our three finalists for a title. (I can’t tell you yet–it’s a secret.) But really, that’s not what I wanted to say.

The truth is, I just couldn’t stop myself from logging an inane post on 6.6.06, just so I could say, “DAMIAN!” and giggle to myself as if I have done something very clever. Which, really, I haven’t.

So. Yeah. Uh. That will be all for now.

Or will it?

-Lo, whose neighbor could very well have her baby today and how cool would THAT be?

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