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Junk Poetry

Mood: Almost Free
Drinking: a.m. Caffeine

In a case of truth being stranger, these four lovely bits of nonsense arrived in my work inbox this morning.

They are just too weird to send to oblivion with a push of “Delete”. Maybe they carry a hidden message. Or a bit of inspiration for later…

wrong speak use
The allow draw
someone believe fit
i watch start
them take draw
Of cough dance
can ask close
Go travel wakeup
of need count
true study borrow
him open cough

Be ask watch
Is believe hurt
from fit fit
Have fly worry
To play stand
sleep stand sing
not rain listen
My swim forget
to speak eat
the take say
so change can

Of say smoke
but change give
sleep translate comb
To take stand
she teach hear
Of hurt dance
on turnon leave
those fit sign
somewhere organise smoke
by type translate
Have try sing

Be swim rain
then listen fall
With cut believe
active begin rain
not comb send
in worry know
wrong shut fix
eat translate read
Is draw spend
active count allow
wrong change wakeup

-Lo, who is familiar with the “hurt dance”, but not so much with the “open cough”.

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