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Slow Roast

Mood: Another day, another day
Drinking: Morning dose of caffeine

Hip, hip, hooray! Three cheers and all that. Release the balloons and fire the confetti cannons! Tootle your noisemakers and bang your own drums…

Cinepoem #3 debuts today in the library!

This one was shot in our favorite San Francisco diner, Sparky’s. (Best pancakes ever, especially at 3 a.m.) It features the lovely Sarah Beach and a cameo by my other gorgeous friend, Misha. (Look for the coffee cup.)

Big thanks, as always, to my talented shooter & editor and partner in crime, Michelle; my webmaster, Christopher; our fabulous production assistant, Misha; Barbara and Kelley at Sparky’s; and, of course, Sarah, because without her this cinepoem would have just sucked ass.

I don’t wanna play favorites or anything, but this little cinepoem might just be my most favorite so far. Shhhh!

Go see for yourself.

-Lo, who is so OVER the red hair, it’s already gone!

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