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National Holiday


woke tangled
in sheets
and this funk.
calendar fineprint
locks me into
this national holiday
showcase of family
fright fests.
firecracker hot dogs
sun slathered parade
routes and naked
squawl babies
invading the beach.
tapered tent
beer bongs and
barbequed bellies
and terminal lines
of these decadent drivers.
a slim paid vacation
fathered by freedom or
some such political prattle.
i’ve nothing to do i’ve
nowhere to be i’ve
no hot dogs no lotion
no brats and no beer.
only this white wall
and zoo cage-like
pacing. i’ve done with
the shower but not
combed my hair.
HBO reruns
are feeding my frenzy
the sex in Top Gun
is making me cry while
my phone still just
sits there

-Lo, digging up an oldie from 1997, back when holiday weekends were endless and terminally boring. happy national holiday!

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