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Oh, Canada

Mood: Tired but satisfied
Drinking: Just finished, thanks

So many reasons to love Canada. It’s a peaceful land. Beautiful. With fancy Mounties in jaunty hats. And then there’s Zed TV.

And yours truly is featured on Zed TV’s website aaaaall weekend long. I’m the “performance feature.” Sure, you’ve already seen the video, but have you seen it on Zed TV? No. No you have not.

So how ’bout you go there now and scroll down a bit ’till you see me and my white hoodie. And maybe you could throw a couple of stars my way, just for old time’s sake. Yeah?
(If the link didn’t work, cut and paste: )

I’m very tired, having consumed too many pupusas with M and MTB and having wished the other M a happy, HAPPY birthday at El Rio over in the Mission district. Plus, the LeeLoo woke me up at 4 a.m. this morning with a nasty hairball sounding cough. Poor pup.

So I’m gonna go now, because I have a date with three gorgeous womenfolk tomorrow morning to start editing Slow Roast specifically for your viewing pleasure!

Happy weekend, all. And to all a good night.

-Lo. Yawn.

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