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Mood: Guilty
Drinking: Snapple

As promised, I’ve searched the clouds for silver lining and have come up with a list of things that make me happy. Things that make me swoon. Things that make me get out of bed in the morning. Things that make it all suck a little bit less.

The Other List:

* Let’s start with peanut butter
* Neighborhoodies
* Non-cheesy mosaics, especially those involving broken mirrors
* Jon Stewart
* Espadrilles
* Striped knee-highs
* Sour candy
* Buffy DVDs
* The Tyler girls
* Paper toilet seat covers
* Citi billboards
* Showtime, with special nod to Dead Like Me
* TiVo!
* Boxers (the dog version, not the hamfisted sport)
* Strawberries
* Silver glitter on eyelids
* “Raccoon eyes” done right (hello, Shirley!)
* Pale girls with long black hair
* The new Garbage CD, Bleed Like Me (in headphones now)
* The impending new NIN
* Bar Sinister in Hollywood
* the DIY category on ebay
* iPods
* Changing your haircolor, just because you can
* New lipstick
* Drop earrings
* Digital cameras
* Stained glass windows
* Making your own South Park character
* Short little dresses from Lip Service
* Sunglasses with attitude
* Solitude
* A plane ticket home
* Franka Potente
* Bettie Page air fresheners
* Voodoo dolls
* New Tim Burton movies starring Johnny Depp
* Friends in bands
* Cinepoetry
* A really good thesaurus
* The annual Bay to Breakers festivities
* Golden Gate Park
* Buffalo Exchange
* The Serious store on Melrose
* Beach bonfires
* Saying “fuck”. Sometimes it just feels so right.
* A reserved parking space (but only when it’s reserved for me)
* Used book stores
* Neil Gaiman
* Narnia
* My Betty Blue
* Trips to Italy
* Weird buttons
* Violets
* When she says “my darkling bunny”
* Unexpected flowers
* Brand new poems
* Boy
* Sistervoice
* The sight of the Pacific
* Morrissey
* Cheeseburgers & fries eaten in the car at the height of a road trip
* Quitting time

-Lo, who could, once again, go on and on. But the balance has been sufficiently restored and so, the end.

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