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Mattresses and Mutts

Mood: Percolatin’
Drinking: Cranberry Raspberry Diet Snapple (so koolaidy)

It was much too short, as weekends often are, but I had a wonderful weekend and am strangely perky on this Monday morning. Not cheerleader-perky, mind you. That kind of perky just isn’t allowed in ladonna-land. More like I-just-got-a-new-CD-perky. Or the Lip-Service-catalog-just-arrived-and-i-have-lotsa-shopping-money-perky. Know what I’m sayin’?

Perhaps I can chalk my good mood up to the FABULOUS sleep i had last night in a brand new California King mattress with a pillow top and memory foam. It was like sleeping on a really snuggly cloud. Without all the pesky condensation that clouds most likely have. Not that I’ve ever snuggled in a cloud. Ok. Let’s just toss that whole analogy out the window. It’s just a kick-ass mattress, ok?

I think you know that you’re a real adult when you spend 2 hours testing out mattresses in a SleepTrain store and you describe it to all your friends as “a lot of fun.” Good god. I’m getting that boring already! It’s just that my mattress history has not been all that scintillating. (Pee-proof crib mattress to not-so-gently-used Twin Bed mattress to $200 queen-sized mattress complete with big pink flowers.) So to graduate to a 2 foot-high, very expensive, oh-so-high tech California King is a pretty big deal, okay? And if you got to sleep in it, you’d be all delirious with delight the next day, too.

I had a first-experience this weekend. The Leeler and I were invited to a dog birthday party. Yes. An actual birthday party with party hats and party favors and stuff. It’s even funnier if you know that the birthday bulldog, Phinneas, is LeeLoo’s internet boyfriend. He saw her profile on and they’ve been hooking up ever since.

Okay, well, “he” didn’t actually see her profile because I’ve yet to see a dog who gives a crap about a computer. Anyway, we call him her internet boyfriend. And he turned 2 this weekend.

So there were about a dozen other dogs at the party, all yapping and tangling up their leashes. LeeLoo was true to form and tried to kick a golden retriever’s ass. There was much splashing about in the waves and smelling of butts. And fun was had by all. But I don’t think I’ll be throwing the Ler a dog birthday party anytime soon. I’ll just keep making her wear ridiculous costumes.

-Lo, who is crazy about her dog, but is not yet a crazy dog-lady. (there is a huge difference, you know.)

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